Commitment to the continuous improvement

Commitment to the continuous improvement

of our operations and services


DROGUERIE DE L'UNION is committed to supplying pharmaceutical products, medical consumables and medical instruments that meet customer’s requirements, supplier’s requirements and regulatory requirements.
This is ensured by achieving the following main objectives:

Timely delivery, by ensuring:

  • Availability in stores
  • Prompt response to sale orders

Delivery of pharmaceutical products that comply with the specified requirements for preservation by:

  • Monitoring clearing time
  • Monitoring and controlling storage conditions
  • Monitoring and controlling delivery conditions

Promptly attending servicing requests of medical instruments and minimizing callbacks.

Union, in its commitment to continual improvement, operates a quality management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 and the Guidelines on Good Storage and Distribution Practicies of Pharmacetucial Products in Lebanon.